To be “for“ someone is to be on a journey with them, beside them… if not physically… then anyway you can. That is the heart of the One4One program.

One4One matches Community College Nursing Students who need financial support with donors through The Rhema Project. Most of these girl students come from remote villages in the area.  Many travel great distances under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. They know that if they succeed with this academic pursuit, their lives and the lives of their family will be altered forever in the best possible way.

The scholarship funds provided by The Rhema Project will be able to completely cover their educational expenses or to subsidize those who need that specifically and to give them safe housing on campus at the hostel if required.

There are two options available to donors for this program.

#1. STUDENT SPECIFIC PROGRAM - ONE4ONE - One donor for one student.

A donor may chose to support a specific student for their entire community college program which may be either one or two years. They donor will be given the option to chose the student by reviewing their biographical history and seeing a picture. The option for the donor and student to communicate in written form will be available.

  • ONE YEAR STUDENT SUPPORT : $360.00 or $30.00 per month.
  • TWO YEAR STUDENT SUPPORT : $720.00 or $30.00 per month for two years.
  • TWO YEAR STUDENT SUPPORT WITH HOSTEL AND ROOM AND BOARD : $1,200.00 or $50.00 per month for two years.

These tuition fees are shockingly low when compared to the value it brings to the student, their family and those close to them.  It is truly life altering. The testimonials of the graduated students leave no doubt as to the effectiveness of the program.

These payments may be paid all at once, by the year or monthly.

#2. NON SPECIFIC PROGRAM -  ONE4ALL - multiple donors joining together for all students

A donor may choose to support the program without specifying any particular student. These funds get directed to any students that for any reason are not chosen for the specific ONE4ONE program.  No specific donation amount is required and the donated funds will join with others to create a "resource pool" for the needed tuition fees. No donation to this program is to small. It uses the power of " ALL " to benefit the students in need. Your donation will be specifically directed toward the community college nursing program needs.

DONATION INFORMATION : See bottom of this page

ONE4ONE DONATION : Include the term " one4one " : in the notations area once you have selected the payment options shown below. Once you have made your chosen donation, you will receive an email with an attachment ( pdf file ) with students information and picture to chose your sponsored student.  Instructions will be included in that email for the process to follow.

ONE4ALL DONATION :Use the word " one4all "  in the notation area to direct your donation to this program. You may select a one time donation or a recurring " subscription " style donation in any amount you chose. You will receive a email newsletter regularly, updating you as to all the activities of The Rhema Project.

One Time Donation

Recurring Donation Options