Village Life

Sustainable Change. Investing in a community’s infrastructure and economic development is a critical part of The Rhema Project’s long-term strategy. Unchecked and continuous charity propagates a sense of entitlement and generates dependency and reliance on the donor. Sustainability is the best way to transform culture while encouraging innovation and business creativity in a developing nation.


  • Prenatal & Newborn Care Initiatives

Re-establishing the value of the Indian baby girl requires educating and assisting young Indian families with basic health issues.  Focusing on expectant and young newborn mothers is essential to resetting the cultural value of the Indian girl-child.

Expectant and newborn mothers are provided education, nutritional and healthcare assistance.  Partnership with local hospitals allows many of these mothers to now deliver their babies in a safe and clean environment.





  • After-school Tutoring

Our indigenous staff works with other non-profit organizations to assist children with their studies.  After-school tuition centers leverages the learning in existing government, parochial and private schools.




img_7829-2Family Training

Family training and support programs are being developed.  For generations, the family was the most dangerous place for a young Indian baby girl to survive yet alone thrive.  This must change for us to realize lasting change.







  • Self-help Groups (Small Business)

Equipping young married women with economic opportunity is critical for lasting, cultural change.  Women will always care for their children and invest in their education.  Most times young fathers will spend any income they make on alcohol, gambling and other vices.






  • Bore-wells & Filtration Systems
  • Many times the reason Indian families do not allow their daughters to attend school is the need for clean drinking water.  It is these young girls responsibility to walk to neighboring villages that have access to water and carry a jug a water back to the family home.  This is repeated every morning and evening. A well in a village does not eliminate the responsibility for the young girls to fetch water, simply the time it takes to carry the water home.  Many times this new village well will immediate see a significant increase in the attendance of young girls in the local schools.
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