Having an Indian girl-child attend school has an intrinsic and financial value. There is a wide gender disparity in literacy rates in India. Affective literacy rates (age 7 and above) in 2011 were 82% for men and 65% for women. Every Indian child has access to a school. We fund scholarships to get her a quality education and teacher incentive funds to keep the best and brightest teachers in schools reaching the poorest of the poor.


  • Construction of a Pre-school Annex

Early education is essential.  Many rural Indian families do not send their daughters to school believing there is little value in educating the girl-child.  Also, the India government would not approve the addition of the 11th and 12th standard (grades) until preschoolers had a separate facility. The Rhema Project funded this construction and is now allows approximately 150 young, rural children to begin their education.





Teacher Retention Fund

Bethel AFC Matriculation School is an English medium private school. Students are instructed in both English and Tamil (state language).  In addition to the national language of Hindi, every state has their unique language.  Consequently, to ease communication, English is the standard language of both business and higher education. To encourage teacher retention, The Rhema Project funds an incentive fund to bring teacher compensation in line with government schools.




  • Community College - Nursing  (ON BETHEL CAMPUS)

In 2011, in partnership with Bethel AFC a community college was launched to assist young Indian women from the rural villages earn a 1-year degree in nursing.  This degree gives these students a practical degree that increases their earning potential by 5 to 7 fold upon graduation.  Due to market demand, this degree was expanded to a 2-year degree and includes a 3-month practicum.





To be “for“ someone is to be on a journey with them, beside them… if not physically… then anyway you can. That is the heart of the One4One program. One4One matches Community College Nursing Students who need financial support with donors through the Rhema Project. For details and specifics you can....




  • College and University Scholarships ( OUTSIDE THE BETHEL CAMPUS )

Every student in India completes a series of “exit exams” upon completion of the 12th standard.  Scores from these exams determine what university as well as any financial assistance a student will receive.  Orphans and dependent girls living at Bethel AFC are financially supported with scholarships when their test scores secure a college or university acceptance letter.

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